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Congratulations, you’ve taken the first big step in growing your business online. We aren’t talking about creating ads or trying to get Facebook likes. We are talking about actually increasing your website traffic with people who are actively looking for the products you sell. Imagine if you had hundreds or thousands of people knocking on your door everyday asking to buy your products. That’s what we do online.

We help businesses in the music industry develop their brands and reach more customers by harnessing the power of the Google search engine. Whether you are a music retailer that wants to grow your lesson and rental programs or a product company that wants to expand your brand, we can help.

We’ve ranked websites for highly competitive local, national, and international keywords that drive targeted traffic to our clients’ websites on a consistent basis.

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We can help you dominate the front page of Google and crush your competition in local and national markets. We’d love to talk with you more about your business and give you a free website analysis. Just shoot us an email.

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So What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other search engine optimization “agencies” out there, we actually know the music industry. We are musicians with a passion for helping music businesses grow. We love shopping in your retail stores, buying your products, and listening to your business. No other SEO agency understands the unique aspects of the music industry like we do. We dominate the industry’s organic search rankings because we are the premier Music Agency. Have a look for yourself.

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Hiring a Music Industry SEO to increase your website traffic and get more customers is like hiring a accountant. Do you someone who knows nothing about your business or industry to prepare your financials, talk to banks on your behave, and file tax returns? Of course not. You want someone who knows what you do and how to help you do it better.

We specialize in music industry marketing and optimizing websites for music retailers, products companies, and musicians to generate more traffic, build brand awareness, and create more sales. Call us old fashioned, but we believe in working one-on-one with all of our clients. We don’t outsource any of our work and never will. We develop a personal relationship with each of our clients and strive to educate them about proper optimization and ways to improve their online businesses.

Dominate Your Competition in Google

Search engine marketing can increase your business by two or three fold sometimes even more. Remember, millions of people search in Google everyday for products and services they want to buy or read more about. This is especially true with local products and services.

If you are a music retailer, you want to turn Google into a customer getting machine. Showing up first for “local guitar lessons,” “piano lessons in my area,” or “local instrument rentals,” can take your lesson and rental programs to the next level.

SEO for musicians is very similar. If you rank well for targeted keywords, more people will find your music, go to your shows, and support your work.

We get our clients real results that are measurable. Stop putting money into things that kind of sort of work like growing your Facebook like count or making new advertisements where the return isn’t easy to measure. Our methods are proven to work hundreds and hundreds of times over and our results are 100% measurable.

Imagine out ranking your competitor on Google, stealing their customers, and not paying a dime for advertising that doesn’t work. This is completely possible with a proper music dealer SEO campaign.

Still Not Convinced We Can Grow Your Business?

If you want to outrank your competitor and rank #1 in the real Google search engine, give us a call. We will gladly look at your site and give you a free site audit. Don’t get stuck being number two. Contact us today!

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We’d love to help you grow your music store, instrument and equipment manufacturer, band, record label, studio, or any other music industry business.